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Pentagram Necklace Silver Color Pentacle Necklace

Pentagram Necklace Silver Color Pentacle Necklace

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Pentagram Necklace (Silver Color) With 24" Necklace Chain. The pentagram pendant on this necklace is made out of high quality metal, and it has a smooth, polished look and feel. The metal necklace chain is durable and looks great as well.

Strong and durable - this necklace can be worn every day, and can also be worn in the shower as well. This silver pentagram necklace not only looks great, it can also stand up to every day wear. Pentagram jewelry is becoming very popular. This pentacle necklace can be worn by both men and women (it is unisex).

  • Pentagram Necklace (Silver Color)
  • Made From High Quality Metal
  • Comes With a Metal Necklace Chain (24")
  • The Pentagram Pendant Has a Smooth And Polished Look And Feel
  • This Pentacle Necklace is Durable - It Can Be Worn Daily
  • Can Be Worn in Water (And in The Shower)
  • Highly Fashionable Pentagram Jewelry
  • Unisex - Made For Men & Women
  • Long 24" Chain Allows This Necklace To Fit Great On Anyone
  • Brand: Fashari
  • Color: Silver
  • Necklace Chain Length: 24"
  • Material: Metal


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