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Black Obsidian Necklace Real Obsidian Crystal Necklace

Black Obsidian Necklace Real Obsidian Crystal Necklace

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Black Obsidian Necklace (With High Quality Rope Chain). The Pendant On This Necklace is Real Obsidian. The obsidian pendant on this necklace is very smooth, and is extremely high quality. Obsidian is also known as volcanic glass, which is formed naturally when lava cool rapidly. This necklace is made for men and women (it is unisex).

Obsidian Necklaces look great, and are very durable. Also, the rope chain on this black obsidian crystal necklace is very strong, and the pendant will not fall off, because the rope chain goes directly through the top of it. This is a real obsidian necklace. Real obsidian jewelry has become very popular over the last few years - so this obsidian stone necklace is sure to impress!

  • Black Obsidian Necklace - With Rope Necklace Chain
  • This is a Real Obsidian Necklace
  • The Pendant is Very Smooth - It is Made From High Quality, Natural Obsidian
  • This Obsidian Crystal Necklace is Very Durable - It Can Be Worn Daily
  • Features a Super Strong Rope Chain (The Obsidian Pendant Will NOT Fall Off)
  • The Length of The Necklace Chain is Adjustable
  • Hexagon Shaped Obsidian Crystal Pendant
  • Real Volcanic Glass (Obsidian)
  • Unisex - Made For Men & Women
  • Real Obsidian Jewelry Has Become Very Popular - This Obsidian Stone Necklace is Sure to Impress!
  • Long 24" Chain Allows This Necklace To Fit Great On Anyone
  • Brand: Fashari
  • Color: Black
  • Necklace Chain Length: 24"
  • Material: Natural Obsidian


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